Creative Ideas for Making Your Own Free Presents

Free gifts brighten the day for anyone who receives them. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a present?! But, while we say that it’s the β€˜thought that counts,’ too often presents are all about the budget. We’re flashing our cash!

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can create amazing free gifts on a shoestring (or no) budget. You just need to tap into your artistic or inventive spirit. Here are five creative free gift ideas:

Build a Hamper of Free Gifts

A handmade gift hamper

Some people are impossible to buy for – they’ve already got everything! The solution? A hamper, of course. Full of incredible gifts that everyone can enjoy, hampers are a brilliant way to try before you buy. There’s a little of this and a little of that. 

Unfortunately, putting together a hamper is often cost-prohibitive. All those goodies soon add up. 

The answer is to look for the best free samples and freebies New Zealand have to offer. WOW Freebies, for example, advertises tons of free gifts and items perfect for inclusion in a jam-packed hamper. Take a look!Β 

Create a Digital Photo Album

A collection of photo albums

Got a lifetime of memories together? Take the time to compile a digital photo album of your favourite moments – the greatest hits of your relationship.

Find old school photos, embarrassing photos (that make you both laugh), and forgotten memories. Put it together into a digital photo album – maybe with a soundtrack over the top – and your friend or loved one will be overwhelmed with emotion. It’s a really great free gift!

Write a Personal Poem

Woman writing a poem on the grass

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

This handmade free gift

Was created for you. 

Penning a poem might sound like a daunting prospect. But it’s one of those gifts where it’s the thought that truly counts. While the poem might not cost a cent – albeit a lot of effort – you can impress your friend with high-quality paper, brilliant penmanship, and even a frame. It’s something to remember you by – and an excellent way to show how much you care. 

Cook Up Your Favourite Recipe

Man cooking food as a gift

Can you cook up a storm in the kitchen? Or is your friend or family member a culinary wizard? If so, consider putting together a homemade dry mix for cookies, soup, or bread. Place the mix in a jar or decorative bag with instructions on how to make the dish.

Alternatively, you can put together a book of recipes. Maybe that’s an actual book or a box of recipe cards. Again, how much you choose to spend is up to you. But it’s the effort that makes the difference.

Upcycle Your Old Belongings

Sign showing upcycling with clothes

Got some old belongings you’re ready to throw out? Take items from around your home that you no longer use, like old clothes, books, or even furniture. Then, with a little creative magic, transform them into something new – a free gift with a difference.

Some examples could include a bookshelf, a framed collage of fabric pieces, or decorative vases. Think of the person and what they’ll appreciate. 

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