How it Works

Congratulations, you’ve found the number one website for free stuff in New Zealand! We scour the web and find the very best freebies available, then we list them here on WOW Freebies NZ, so you can find them easily. We’ve been finding and sharing freebies for over 4 years, so we’re pretty good at it by now. So good in fact, that we’ve added over 500 free items to our website since we launched.

Here’s How it Works:
When you visit WOW Freebies New Zealand, you can find all our latest and featured freebies on the homepage. This is the place to check for new offers we’ve added to the site. Click on the freebies of interest for more information. Here you can find out exactly what you need to do to claim that freebie. Simply click β€˜get offer’ and you will be taken directly to the website that is giving away the item.


Whether you’re looking for free samples, free competitions or free bingo credit you can find them all here in one convenient place. When searching for a specific freebie, you can also browse by category.

There is also our fabulous WOW Freebies newsletter which we only send out to the exclusive WOW Freebies mailing list. If you subscribe to receive our newsletter, each week we will send you the best new offers, so you can act fast when it comes to claiming time sensitive deals.

Why Do Companies Give Away Freebies?
Companies have learnt that sometimes customers want to try before they buy. It’s one of the best ways to attract new customers who otherwise might not have come across their product. Free samples are very common, especially in the health and beauty sector. Free competitions and giveaways are used for the same reason; to reach a wider audience. So although some things sound too good to be true, you can rest assured that all the freebies listed on our website are genuine.

Where Do We Find the Freebies?
We have a team of freebie finders who scour the web looking for new freebies every day. Occasionally a company will contact us directly and ask us to list their freebie. We want to ensure only high quality offers are shown here, so every freebie is checked and approved before being listed.