Free Product Testing Offers in New Zealand

Have you always wanted to get free stuff for your opinion? There are many product testing companies out there looking for regular product testing from people in New Zealand to give their honest opinion on them and sometimes they will even pay you for doing so! Companies do this to develop new products and to improve existing ones.

Survey for product

All kinds of everyday products are available from product testing websites including beauty products, cosmetic products and household products.

Testing products can be another great way to get freebies (along with the other kinds of offers listed on WOW Freebies), but it can also be a fantastic money-making opportunity as you may get paid for your opinion and if you don’t you could always sell the product after reviewing it!

Getting Started as a Product Tester

To get started you want to apply with as many companies as possible to improve your chances of being chosen as a tester. At WOW Freebies we spend hours searching the web to find the best companies looking for New Zealand consumers to product test.

The Latest Offers Available

To take part in any of the offers below simply click the “Claim Offer” button and follow instructions on the third party website. Remember to give detailed and honest feedback on anything you review or any online surveys you complete about a product in order to increase your chances of being chosen again for future tests.

Test and Keep a Gillette Package Worth $250
Test and Keep a Gillette Package Worth $250

Gillette is a brand known to give you a smooth shave, and ForYouPromo is now giving you the chance to test a Gillet … Read more

Test M&M or Skittles Packs
Free M&Ms and Skittles

Fancy a tasty treat? Apply to become a product tester with ForYouPromo and you could be chosen to test and keep eit … Read more

Free Adidas Trainers
Free Adidas Trainers

GetTestKeep is looking for people to test a pair of Adidas trainers. If selected as a product tester you will recei … Read more

Free Sephora Make Up

GetTestKeep are looking for people to Secret Shop at Sephora and if chosen you’ll get to KEEP all the products you’ … Read more

Free Finish Dishwasher Tabs
Free Dishwasher Tabs

FunClub are looking for product testers to try out Finish dishwasher tablets. Simply click the green claim button b … Read more

Test Gillette Razors for Free

Gillette is an American brand of safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies, owned b … Read more


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions people ask about product testing websites.

Do product testers really get free stuff?

Yes! If you are chosen to test a particular product most of the time you will get to get keep the product for free after reviewing it and giving your honest feedback.

Is being a product tester legit?

It is completely legit to be a product tester however it’s not guaranteed. The best way to improve your chances of being chosen for a product testing program is to apply for as many companies as possible that interest you to increase your chances of being picked. 

How do I become a product tester for Amazon?

becoming a product tester for Amazon isn’t easy. Amazon has an invite-only program called Amazon Vine. People are primarily chosen by the amount of reviews they have done that have been voted as useful. The best way to increase your chances of being invited to this is to regularly write honest and helpful reviews that other customers then vote as helpful. To increase your chances further try to stick to one category of products to show you are really an expert in a specific field.