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Free Nicotine Replacements & Vouchers for Stopping Smoking

Free Nicotine Replacements & Vouchers for Stopping Smoking

Are you a smoker in Auckland, or know someone who is? Then you need to check out Ready, Steady, Quit. If you sign up with them and commit to stopping smoking, you can get free nicotine replacements, including gum, patches or lozenges and free support on your journey. You can also get a $200 voucher.

That's not all, if you refer your friends and loved ones to the scheme, you will get $100 worth of vouchers when they complete the programme. Also, if you are an expectant mother and join the scheme, you can get $550 worth of vouchers over the 12-week programme and support too.

So, by deciding to quit the habit, you can get the guidance you need, free nicotine replacements and vouchers too. All while improving your health and saving money because you won't be buying cigarettes. Click the green button below to visit the Ready, Steady, Quite website, where you can read more. You can also sign up for the programme there too.