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Free Menstrual Cups & Resuable Pads

Free Menstrual Cups & Reusable Pads

The University of Auckland is giving away free menstrual cups and reusable pads at their Student Hubs. Anyone can get one, and you can choose the cup or the pad. You can ask directly for your choice of period product or tell one of their team that you are here for your "monthly meeting". If tampons are your preference, certain locations offer those, and you can easily find out where.

Click the green button below to visit the University of Auckland website. Once there, you can read more about their free pads and cups and see the Student Hub locations. If you scroll down, you will find the locations where free tampons are available too. This is a brilliant way to help people who are struggling to get period products, so make sure you share the offer so anyone who needs it can access it.